Install Plugins

The TestCafe functionality can be extended by using plugins and extensions. You can install existing plugins or develop custom ones that will suit your needs.

You can install plugins from npm in two ways:

  • locally - if you are going to use plugins within TestCafe installed locally.

    Navigate to your project directory and run the following command.

    npm install --save-dev {pluginName}
  • globally - if the TestCafe module is installed globally or you are going to use plugins within other projects as well.

    Run the npm install command with a -g flag.

    npm install -g {pluginName}

Create Plugins

The following topics provide detailed information on creating the most widely used plugins and extensions.

Selected Plugins

This section lists the most popular plugins. Plugins developed by the TestCafe team are officially supported and maintained.

Browser Providers

Framework-Specific Selectors

Plugins for Task Runners

Custom Reporters

GitHub Actions

IDE Plugins

More plugins are listed on the TestCafe GitHub page.