• Tim Growney
    Tim Growney
    We rely heavily on a combination between unit, e2e, and human feature spot-checking. @DXTestCafe is our go-to for e2e. Almost no configuration necessary out of the box. I highly recommend it.
  • Sezar Rasoul
    Sezar Rasoul
    Spent to much time and trust on Selenium C# test. Nowdays I mostly focus on API testing and TestCafe for E2E testing.
  • Lukas Holzer
    Lukas Holzer
    Folks take a look at @DXTestCafe I investigated it for @Dynatrace and it is super awesome we switched all e2e tests and with their browserstack integration it is super easy to run on all devices! And free for oss
  • Damien Hampton
    Damien Hampton
    I used to hate JavaScript, but that was because I didn't understand it. Now I can't get enough! More #javascript koolaid: TestCafé looks like a very cool UI testing framework: https://buff.ly/2EeJUPX Very easy to use! @dxtestcafe
  • Elliott Richmond
    Elliott Richmond
    @DXTestCafe is surely the best automated end to end node.js testing tool I’ve found to date! It’s awesome! Took me about an hour to set up 3 essential tests, looks like this is my new go to tool for automated testing
  • Lewis Cains
    Lewis Cains
    I’ve been writing some tests using @DXTestCafe today and it’s so nice to work with. Really fast too. Highly recommended
  • Rodrigo Finger
    Rodrigo Finger
    @DXTestCafe is the best automated front-end testing tool I've used so far. @TestCafeStudio is a good starting point to explore its features, easy to use for the testing team. Writing a js script with it allows to build more complex test scenarios. Easy and fast to setup and use.
  • Robert Willemelis
    Robert Willemelis
    Currently fell in love with #testcafe
  • Jeff Kryger
    Jeff Kryger
    TestCafe has made it easier for the whole team to hit the ground running with writing tests. It’s also been a huge time saver.
  • Dmitri Pisarev
    Dmitri Pisarev
    1) That gratifying moment when investment into E2E tests starts paying off! Thanks @DXTestCafe ! #neoscms 2) My heart is filled with joy every time @DXTestCafe catches a regression... The best investment into the codebase we've made so far was writing more E2E tests.
  • Christine Zierold
    Christine Zierold
    Since I'm using #testcafe on a daily basis now to build my #automatedUItest, I love it every day more and more. The code looks so clean and I don't need to 'waitForElementVisible' or just 'wait()'.Everyone should try this out. It is amazing. #TestAutomation #QAisAwesome
  • Tia Eastwood
    Tia Eastwood
    I've written so many tests with TestCafe lately and I'm honestly enjoying it. Watching all the stuff happen in the browser while they run is mesmerising.