Frequently asked questions

Unlike most testing solutions, TestCafe is not built on Selenium. This allows us to implement features you cannot find in Selenium-based tools (for example, testing on mobile devices, user roles, automatic waiting, etc.).

TestCafe uses a URL-rewriting proxy which allows it to work without the WebDriver. This proxy injects the driver script that emulates user actions into the tested page.

You can read about this in How it Works.

TestCafe Studio is a testing IDE built on top of the open-source TestCafe engine. It simplifies the way you record tests and helps you delegate testing to a QA team that does not want to write JavaScript.

Read the following article to learn how TestCafe Studio could fit into your workflow: What's Better than TestCafe? TestCafe Studio.

See how TestCafe compares to TestCafe Studio.

TestCafe v2015.1 is no longer available for purchase or subscription renewal. We recommend that TestCafe v2015.1 users switch to TestCafe Studio to access the latest features. See this blog post for details.

You can find a list of supported browsers in our documentation. TestCafe is tested against the two latest versions of each browser except for the browsers whose versions are specified explicitly in this list.

We do not use the most recent JavaScript features in TestCafe code, which means it should work with any browser with HTML5 support released in the last three years.