This roadmap includes the most important features planned for the upcoming releases.

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated with more entries as we receive your feedback.

Please vote on the features you want us to implement first to help us prioritize our work. (Follow each link to leave a reaction on GitHub.)

Highlighted Features

Feature Status
Support for Multiple Browser Windows Implemented
Selector Debug Panel In Progress
HTTP API Testing Planned
Cookie Management Planned


Feature Status
Dedicated Scroll Action Planned
Mouse Actions (mouseDown, mouseUp, etc.) In Progress


Feature Status
Interactive Demo Page Planned

Test Stability

Feature Status
Repeat Page Requests on Failure Implemented
HTTP Caching In Progress
Improve the Quality of Automatic Pre-Assertion Timeouts Planned
Enable HTTPS connections Between Browsers and the Proxy Planned
Simplify the SSL Workflow Planned
Ignore JS Errors On a Per-Page Basis Planned
HTTP2 Support Planned