TestCafe v1.19.0 released

TestCafe v1.19.0 introduces three major capabilities: a Cookie Management API, suite-wide test hooks, and suite-wide request hooks.

New Capabilities

Previous versions of TestCafe lacked dedicated cookie management methods. Users had to write custom client functions to add and remove cookies. This technique was complicated and, at times, limiting. Some cookie manipulation actions — such as HTTP-only cookie management — were very hard to integrate into the test suite.

The latest version of the framework includes a proper set of cookie management tools that can handle a wide variety of tasks. Learn more about the new methods in our documentation: deleteCookies, getCookies, setCookies.

fixture('[API] Delete Cookies')

test('Should delete all the cookies with the specified url', async t => {
   // Set a cookie for the examples page.
   await t.setCookies({ name: 'apiCookie1', value: 'value1' });

   // Set a cookie for the 'thank you' page.
   await t.setCookies({
       name:  'apiCookie2',
       value: 'value2',
   }, 'https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/example/thank-you.html');

   // Check the cookies.
   let cookies = await t.getCookies();

   await t
       .expect(cookies[0]).contains({ name: 'apiCookie1', path: '/testcafe/example/' })
       .expect(cookies[1]).contains({ name: 'apiCookie2', path: '/testcafe/example/thank-you.html' });

    // Delete cookies from the 'thank you' page.
    await t.deleteCookies({ domain: 'devexpress.github.io', path: '/testcafe/example/thank-you.html' });

    // Check the cookies.
    cookies = await t.getCookies();

    await t
        .expect(cookies[0]).contains({ name: 'apiCookie1', path: '/testcafe/example/' });

Global Test Hooks

Many TestCafe users employ test hooks — functions that run before and after tests and fixtures. In TestCafe v1.19.0 and higher, you can attach hooks to test runs, as well as apply test hooks to your entire suite. This capability requires the use of a JavaScript configuration file.

Learn more about hooks from our newly updated hook guide.

Global Request Hooks

Request hooks are functions that intercept HTTP requests and mock HTTP responses. Earlier versions of TestCafe let you attach request hooks to one test or fixture at a time. You can now define global request hooks and attach them to multiple tests or fixtures in your suite.

Read the Request Hooks guide to learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • TestCafe ignores CLI browser arguments when they conflict with the configuration file (#6618)
  • The outdated moment.js dependency contains a critical vulnerability (PR #6996 by @vergilfromadyen)
  • TestCafe proxy doesn’t always serve cookies with the secure attribute