Runner.src Method

Configures the test runner to run tests from the specified files.

src(source) → this
Parameter Type Description
source String | Array The relative or absolute path to a test fixture file, or several such paths. You can use glob patterns to include (or exclude) multiple files.

TestCafe can run:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript and CoffeeScript files that use TestCafe API,
  • TestCafe Studio tests (.testcafe files),
  • Legacy TestCafe v2015.1 tests.

You do not need to call this function if you specify the src property in the configuration file.

Related configuration file property: src


runner.src(['/home/user/js-tests/fixture.js', 'studio-fixture.testcafe']);
runner.src(['/home/user/tests/**/*.js', '!/home/user/tests/foo.js']);