Enables TestCafe to record videos of test runs.

video(path [, options, encodingOptions]) → this
Parameter Type Description
path String The base directory where videos are saved. Relative paths to video files are composed according to path patterns. You can also use the options.pathPattern property to specify a custom pattern.
options (optional) Object Options that define how videos are recorded. See Basic Video Options for a list of options.
encodingOptions (optional) Object Options that specify video encoding. You can pass all the options supported by the FFmpeg library. Refer to the FFmpeg documentation for information about the available options.

See Record Videos for details.

Related configuration file properties:

Example'reports/videos/', {
    singleFile: true,
    failedOnly: true,
    pathPattern: '${TEST_INDEX}/${USERAGENT}/${FILE_INDEX}.mp4'
}, {
    r: 20,
    aspect: '4:3'