Selector Object

A selector that identifies page elements to perform an action with them (click, drag, etc.) or check their state in an assertion.

Use the Selector constructor to create a selector.

import { Selector } from 'testcafe';

const main = Selector('.main-content');

The following methods filter elements from the selector:

Method Description
nth Finds an element by its index.
withText Finds an element whose content includes the specified text.
withExactText Finds an element with the specified text.
withAttribute Finds an element with the specified attribute or attribute value.
filterVisible Selects visible elements.
filterHidden Selects hidden elements.
filter Finds elements that match the specified CSS selector or predicate.

Methods that search for DOM elements relative to the selected element:

Method Description
find Finds a descendant node that matches the specified CSS selector or predicate.
parent Selects parent elements.
child Selects child elements.
sibling Selects sibling elements.
nextSibling Selects succeeding sibling elements.
prevSibling Selects preceding sibling elements.
shadowRoot Selects the shadow root hosted by the element.

For more information, see Select Page Elements.