Use TestCafe with Grunt

You can easily integrate TestCafe with the Grunt.js task runner. This recipe shows how to configure a Grunt task to run TestCafe tests.


You need to have Grunt v0.4 or newer to use it with TestCafe.

Step 1 - Install TestCafe Grunt Plugin

Assuming that you already have Grunt installed in your project, you also need to install the TestCafe Grunt plugin.

npm install grunt-testcafe --save-dev

Step 2 - Adding a TestCafe Task to Gruntfile

In Gruntfile.js, add a property named testcafe to the data object passed to the grunt.initConfig method.

    testcafe: {
        test: {
            options: {
                files: ['tests/*.js'],
                browsers: ['chrome']

This code declares a task that opens Google Chrome and runs tests from all test files in the tests directory.

For more information about the available options, see Grunt Plugin Options.

You also need to add a line of code that loads the TestCafe plugin. Put this below the initConfig method call.


Step 3 - Running the Grunt Task

Now you can run the Grunt task from the console with a single command.

grunt testcafe


Thanks to Martin Cermak for making the TestCafe Grunt plugin.