TestCafe v3.4.0 Released

TestCafe v3.4.0 introduces relative Role URLs, the ability to disable concurrency on a per-fixture basis, as well as other improvements and bug fixes.


Relative Role URLs

Earlier versions of TestCafe did not support relative URLs for Role log-in pages. In TestCafe v3.4.0 and higher, if you set the baseUrl configuration file parameter or the --base-url CLI option, you can set a relative URL for a Role log-in page:

import { Role } from 'testcafe';

const userOne = Role('./login', async t => {
    /* log-in actions go here */

Disable concurrency on a per-fixture basis

Concurrent test execution is not suitable for tests that can only run in a certain order. To ignore the global concurrency setting for a particular fixture, use the disableConcurrency fixture method.


Development Mode Enhancements

When you debug code inside a browser, the browser can appear unresponsive. Earlier versions of TestCafe automatically relaunched unresponsive browsers, including browsers that were used for debugging.

TestCafe v3.4.0 does not relaunch unresponsive browsers if you enter development mode.

Debug Panel Enhancements

The debug panel includes a new “Hide Picker” button. Click this button to disable the Selector Debugger and hide the Selector input field.

Hide the Selector input field

Bug Fixes

  • TestCafe incorrectly logs requests during concurrent test execution (#7977).
  • TestCafe does not load images with non-lowercase srcset attribute declarations (testcafe-hammerhead#2958).
  • TestCafe raises an unexpected client-side error when the application opens an ngx-formly form (#7758).
  • TestCafe cannot interact with page items at the edge of the viewport when the browser emulates a mobile device (#8057).