TestCafe v2.3.0 Released

TestCafe v2.3.0 introduces create-testcafe — an interactive tool that allows you to initialize a new TestCafe project in seconds. The update also includes experimental ECMAScript module support and a number of bug fixes.


TestCafe v2.3.0 ends support for Node.js 14 due to a known vulnerability in the babel-plugin-module-resolver module.

Install an up-to-date version of the Node.js runtime to use TestCafe v2.3.0 and up.

The official maintenance period for Node.js 14 elapses on April 1st, 2023.


Use the create-testcafe tool to initialize a new TestCafe project, or add TestCafe to an existing Node.js application.

Execute the following command to launch create-testcafe:

npx create-testcafe

Interactive wizard

The create-testcafe tool allows you to perform the following actions with a single command:

  1. Create a new folder for the TestCafe project (optional).
  2. Create a new local installation of TestCafe and its dependencies.
  3. Create and initialize a TestCafe configuration file.
  4. Create a separate subfolder for tests.
  5. Populate the test folder with test examples (optional).
  6. Create a YAML file with a GitLab Actions workflow that runs TestCafe tests (optional).

Read the TestCafe Setup Wizard guide for more information on the create-testcafe tool.

Experimental: ECMAScript module support


ESM module suppport works with Node.js 16 and up.

TestCafe has always used CommonJS syntax for module imports:

const { x } = require('y');

An increasing number of Node.JS packages abandon CommonJS in favour of ECMAScript module syntax:

import {x} from 'y'

Enable the --experimental-esm CLI flag to import modules that do not support CommonJS. Note: tests with ECMASCript module syntax are subject to additional requirements.

testcafe chrome test.js --experimental-esm

Additional Reuqirements

To run tests with ECMAScript import statements, make sure that your project meets at least one of the following requirements:

  1. The value of the type key in your project’s package.json file is module.
  2. The test files in your project use the .mjs extension.

Bug Fixes

  • TestCafe doesn’t delete expired cookies (#7432).
  • TestCafe cannot handle windows that appear when the user clicks a link with a _blank target (#6926).
  • TestCafe fails to start because it triggers the dns.setDefaultResultOrder method in older Node.js environments (#7447).
  • TestCafe depends on a vulnerable, outdated version of the babel-plugin-module-resolver package (#7456).