TestCafe v2.6.1 Released

TestCafe v2.6.1 retires Experimental Debug mode, and introduces a number of important bug fixes.

Removed: Experimental debug mode

TestCafe v1.18.0 introduced Experimental Debug mode — a way to debug Selectors and Client Functions in the text editor. TestCafe v2.4.0 shipped with the Visual Selector Debugger, which allows users to troubleshoot Selector queries directly in the browser.

The two capabilities serve the same purpose, but the Visual Selector Debugger is more user-friendly. As such, beginning with TestCafe v2.6.1, the framework no longer includes Experimental Debug mode. Thank you to all the TestCafe users who tried out the capability.

Bug Fixes

  • When TestCafe runs in Native Automation mode, Request Hooks yield an error (#7683).
  • When TestCafe runs in Native Automation mode, the framework incorrectly processes pages with the pound sign (“#”) in the URL (#7652).
  • TestCafe incorrectly handles XHR headers in Native Automation mode (#7664, #7686, #7645).
  • TestCafe reports an incorrect browser alias when it runs tests in Microsoft Edge (#7647).
  • TestCafe fails to intercept all HTTP requests when it runs in Native Automation mode. (#7640).
  • TestCafe cannot resize browser windows in the latest version of Chrome for macOS (#7684).
  • TestCafe incorrectly processes client-side styles, causing slowdowns and errors (#6726, #6747).
  • TestCafe crashes when you use the TestCafe Test Runner API to launch multiple tests simultaneously (#7711).