TestCafe v3.3.0 Released

TestCafe v3.3.0 includes important bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • TestCafe terminates the test run when it attempts to parse an empty JSON file (#7935).
  • Firefox throws an unexpected error when TestCafe attempts to close the browser window (#7285).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe ignores the --disable-multiple-windows option when you interact with a link that points to target=_blank, or open a new window with the window.open method (#7916).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe ignores the clientScripts directive when you mock HTTP requests (#7914).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe hangs when it runs tests in the headless version of Google Chrome (#7898).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe doesn’t throw an error when the user attempts to enable the userProfile option (#7925).