TestCafe v3.1.0 Released

TestCafe v3.1.0 introduces two enhancements:

  • You can now respond to geolocation requests with the t.setNativeDialogHandler method.
  • Your tests and test reports can now reference a variable that stores the framework’s version number.

Respond to geolocation requests

Main article: t.setNativeDialogHandler

Use the t.setNativeDialogHandler method to respond to geolocation requests.

// Test
test('Switch from "allow" to "block"', async t => {
  await t
    .setNativeDialogHandler((type) => {
        if (type === 'geolocation')
            return { timestamp: 12356, accuracy: 20, coords: {latitude: '34.15321262322903', longitude: '-118.25543996370723'}; // Passes this data to geolocation requests
        return null;
    .setNativeDialogHandler((type) => {
        if (type !== 'geolocation')
            return null;

        const err = new Error('Some error');

        err.code = 1;

        return err; // Blocks geolocation requests

Reference the framework’s version in tests and test reports

Main article: Version Logger API

Earlier versions of TestCafe could output the framework’s version number to the console:

CLI version

TestCafe 3.1.0 and up allows you to access the framework’s version number in test code:

import { version } from 'testcafe';
console.log(`TestCafe version: ${version}`);

API version

To access the framework’s version number in your custom reporter, reference the first argument (version) of the init method:

init (version) {
      .write(`Using TestCafe ${version}`)

Bug fixes

  • TestCafe incorrectly reports test duration in concurrency mode (#1816).
  • TestCafe assigns a non-zero duration value to skipped tests, which leads to an unexpected increase in the total test run duration value (#7731).
  • [Native Automation] The setFileUpload method does not work (#7832).
  • [Native Automation] Request hooks cause tests to crash (#7846).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe overrides page titles (#7833).
  • [Native Automation] If a website redirects the user to a new page before basic HTTP authentication is complete, the authentication process fails (#7852).
  • [Native Automation] The t.click action fails if the event handler accounts for pointer input pressure (#7867).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe hangs when the browser yields a “Session with given ID not found” error (#7865,#7810).
  • [Native Automation] TestCafe cannot set the httpOnly flag when you use the t.setCookies method (#7793).