Introducing TestCafe v3.0.0

This major update includes two breaking changes:

  • TestCafe v3.0.0 uses native CDP automation to run tests in Chromium-based browsers.
  • TestCafe v3.0.0 removes support for Internet Explorer.


Tests that use native automation are subject to additional limitations. Read the Native Automation FAQ for a complete list of limitations and known issues.

Other changes include:

  • You can now access test and fixture data in hooks.
  • You can now dismiss the print dialog with the native dialog handler.

Native automation

TestCafe v2.5.0 introduced an experimental mode that allows users to automate Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with the native CDP protocol. TestCafe v3.0.0 and up enables this capability out of the box.

Native automation increases test quality, stability, and speed.

  • Read the “TestCafe goes native” announcement for more information on the benefits of the new approach.
  • Read the Native Automation FAQ for more information on the practical aspects of this capability — including additional limitations and known issues.

Access Test and Fixture data in hooks

You can now access the following data in fixture hooks (fixture.before, fixture.after) :

  • Fixture name
  • Fixture metadata
  • Fixture path

Test hooks (fixture.beforeEach, fixture.afterEach, test.before, test.after) can access fixture data and the following test data:

  • Test name
  • Test metadata
fixture `Example Fixture`
    .page ``
    .meta({ fixtureMeta: 'v' })
    .before( async (ctx, info) => {
        const fixtureName =; /* Example Fixture */
        const fixtureMeta = info.meta; /* { fixtureMeta: 'v' } */
        const fixturePath = info.path /* /Users/dan/testcafe/fixture.js */
    .beforeEach( async t => {
        const fixtureName =; /* Example Fixture */
        const fixtureMeta = t.fixture.meta; /* { fixtureMeta: 'v' } */
        const fixturePath = t.fixture.path /* /Users/dan/testcafe/fixture.js */
        const testName =; /* MyTest */
        const testMeta = t.test.meta; /* { 'key': 'value' } */

Read the Hooks guide for more information.

Dismiss the print dialog

You can now use the t.setNativeDialogHandler method to dismiss the print dialog.

Removed: Internet Explorer support

TestCafe v3.0.0 removes support for Internet Explorer 11, six months after the browser’s official retirement. The browser came out more than 9 years ago, and has a worldwide market of less than 0.5%. It is survived by Edge, a popular Chromium-based browser that ships with modern versions of Windows.

Bug fixes

  • Some client functions yield a fatal error when the test navigates to a new page or removes an iframe (#7707).
  • TestCafe fails to correctly modify certain request headers when it uses native automation (#7748).
  • A bug in the CDP protocol causes TestCafe to incorrectly process request hooks (#7743).
  • TestCafe outputs a vague error message if the framework fails to read or process the configuration file (#7208, #6437).
  • TestCafe cannot select content with the “Ctrl+A” shortcut when the framework uses native automation (#7667).
  • The Monaco editor does not display code completion hints when TestCafe automates it with CDP #7770.