TestCafe v1.18.2 Released

TestCafe v1.18.2 contains a number of important bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Tests with client scripts yield the “Cannot read property ‘tests’ of null” error (#6305)
  • TestCafe hangs after failing to initialize a Role (#5278)
  • Testcafe falsely detects filter directives in the configuration file (#6620)
  • Concurrent Chrome instances cannot reconnect to TestCafe after a restart (#4554)
  • TestCafe hangs if a user enters an iframe and then switches to a different browser window (#6085)
  • TestCafe opens incorrect URLs when you concurrently run multiple fixtures from the same test file (#6041)
  • TestCafe expands disabled <select> elements (#5616)
  • TestCafe does not load some cross-domain iframes (#6633)
  • TestCafe incorrectly sets the Document.referrer property in Chrome 89 (#6144)
  • Tests hang when the test page initiates a file download (#5796)
  • Requests fail because TestCafe incorrectly handles dynamic content security policy (#6057)
  • TestCafe triggers pointerdown event handlers twice (#5891)
  • TestCafe cannot trigger click event handlers for Angular buttons with the “disabled” attribute (#5240)