TestCafe v1.16.0 Released

TestCafe v1.16.0 introduces important quality of life improvements, minor enhancements, and a bug fix.

  • Users can define custom variables in the configuration file, and reference these variables throughout the test suite.
  • Users can store their TestCafe configuration settings inside a .js file, which makes it much easier to create dynamic configuration files.


Support for JavaScript configuration files

You can now store TestCafe settings in a js file. Configuration properties in JavaScript files can reference JavaScript methods, functions and variables, which makes it easy to create dynamic configuration files.

Just export the JSON name/value pairs in the file:

module.exports = {
    skipJsErrors: true,
    hostname: "localhost",
    // other settings

Support for custom user variables in the configuration file

TestCafe v1.16.0 and later supports configuration files with variable declarations. Users can reference variables from a configuration file in the tests that utilize that configuration file. To enable access to configuration file variables, import the userVariables object from the testcafe module at the beginning of the test script.

This capability can come in handy if there’s a single piece of data you want to use in multiple tests — for example, the website’s URL. That way, if your website moves to a new domain name, you don’t have to change your tests one by one.

If you previously used environment variables to achieve the same goal, you might prefer the new method — it significantly simplifies the setup process, and allows you to commit the data to a version control system.

Define your custom variables with the userVariables JSON object:

  "userVariables": {
    "url": "http://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/example",

Reference this variable in your test:

import { userVariables } from 'testcafe';

fixture `Test user variables`

test('Type text', async t => {
    await t
        .typeText('#developer-name', 'John Smith')

Other enhancements

  • New option that disables thumbnail generation for test screenshots (PR by @taki-fw).
  • New embedding-utils API method that retrieves information about skipped tests (PR by @flora8984461).
  • The Runner.filter function supports asynchronous arguments (PR by @eignatyev).
  • You can import the test and fixture objects directly from the testcafe module (PR #6338).

Bug Fixes

  • TestCafe does not keep track of file changes in live mode (#6481).