Upcoming Webinar: The Fastest Way to Your Next Test – TestCafe + TestCafe Studio

In this webinar, our Technical Evangelist Paul Usher will demonstrate the difference between TestCafe and TestCafe Studio. Paul will show you how to write code-based tests more quickly and he’ll explore the power of TestCafe Studio’s integrated visual test recorder (for those who don’t want to manually write test code).

Paul’s topics will include:

  • How to create and debug tests in TestCafe Studio without writing any code.
  • How to create stable selectors for your tests.
  • The advantages of TestCafe’s Smart Assertion mechanism.
  • How to leverage both TestCafe and TestCafe Studio within your organization.

End-to-End web testing made easy

TestCafe Open Source and TestCafe Studio are driver free and do not require you to manage complex plug-ins. If you’re ready to test your web apps and want to deliver more reliable solutions to your end-users, be sure to click the link below and register your interest in this live webinar.

Webinar Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Start Time: 10AM Pacific Time