TestCafe v1.1.0 Released

This release introduces TypeScript 3.0 support and enhanced TypeScript definitions for client functions.


⚙ TypeScript 3 Support (#3401)

TypeScript test files can now use the new syntax features introduced in TypeScript 3.0 and TypeScript 3.3.

⚙ Enhanced TypeScript Definitions for Client Functions (#3431) by @vitalics

The updated type definitions allow the TypeScript compiler to determine client function’s return value type. Static typing now warns you when you call wrong methods for the return value.

const getFoo = ClientFunction(() => 42);
const foo    = await getFoo();

Before v1.1.0, an error occurred during test execution:

$ testcafe chrome tests.ts
 Running tests in:
 - Chrome 72.0.3626 / Windows 10.0.0
 Fixture 1
 √ Test 1
 √ Test 2
 × Test N
   1) TypeError: foo.match is not a function

With v1.1.0, the TypeScript compiler throws an error before tests are started:

$ testcafe chrome tests.ts
  ERROR Cannot prepare tests due to an error.
  Error: TypeScript compilation failed.

  tests.ts (4, 2): Property 'match' does not exist on type 'number'.

Bug Fixes

  • TestCafe no longer ignores test and fixture metadata filters specified in the configuration file (#3443) by @NanjoW
  • TestCafe no longer resolves placeholders to null in video path patterns (#3455)
  • Fixed the KeyboardEvent‘s key property emulation for Safari (#3282)
  • TestCafe can now capture element screenshots after a long page scrolling (#3292)
  • The compilation time of TypeScript tests no longer degrades for a large number of files (#3475)
  • Reach Router can now navigate correctly when tested with TestCafe
  • TestCafe now correctly handles websites that use the WebKitMutationObserver class
  • TestCafe now processes ECMAScript modules in <script> tags