Proxyless Mode


This article describes an experimental capability. Feel free to try it out and share your feedback with the TestCafe team. Do not use experimental capabilities for business-critical tasks — you may encounter bugs and lack of stability.

TestCafe uses a reverse proxy to execute tests across different browsers, but this technique complicates the framework.

Since the original release of TestCafe, a number of native browser automation protocols became widely used. These protocols offer superior automation speeds and greater stability. That’s why the TestCafe team decided to gradually phase the reverse proxy out in favor of native support for these automation protocols.

TestCafe v2.2.0 includes an experimental option that disables the proxy for Google Chrome. You can enable this option in the command line, the Test Runner API, and the configuration file.


Include the --experimental-proxyless CLI flag when you launch TestCafe.

testcafe chrome tests --experimental-proxyless

Test Runner API

Set the experimentalProxyless option to true when you create a new TestCafe instance.

const createTestCafe = require('testcafe');

const testcafe = createTestCafe({  experimentalProxyless: true })

Configuration File

Set the experimentalProxyless option to true in the configuration file.

   "experimentalProxyless": "true"